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Friday, May 21, 2004

How To Make Money In Quixtar

Really, I shouldn't even be talking about this. It's not really that difficult of a concept. But first, let's look at the issue.

People are complaining that you can't make money with Quixtar. I honestly fail to see the logic in this. First of all, it's easy. Quixtar is just a website with a bunch of products that you can buy. And when I say "a bunch" I mean a couple million.

Now there's a base price and a suggested retail price. Usually the difference is a couple of bucks, but sometimes it can be a couple of hundred. It's not a lot, but Wal-Mart doesn't make millions by selling one thing of tooth paste. People bash Amway with some stupid phrases like, "I'll never understand the excitement of selling soap." Hah hah hah. Really, now, if I had a nickel for every bar of soap sold in America...I'd be pretty excited. Maybe this guy wouldn't, but I certainly would.

In any case, sales. Mark-up. Whathaveyou. Quixtar's mode of operation is simple. I don't know how many times I have to say that, but it is. You get the items you want to sell, at base price, and sell them at suggested retail price, or whatever you decide to mark it up to. And that's it. Count your money and go home. Or better yet, don't even buy the items. Just let whomever buy it from the Quixtar site, or order it from Quixtar for them, and there you go.

It's easy, see? Make money with Quixtar. And they said it couldn't be done!

Actually, what they're really talking about is how people build up big pyramid schemes and keep profit as in-house buying, meaning you're not really selling anything. You're just getting people in your business to "buy from themselves." While I see no problem in that, others do. But I have to beg to question: Who told you to do that? Certainly wasn't Quixtar. So who told you? Your....your what? Your what? Your Diamond told you? That's what I thought.

Well I won't preach against it, but if you want to make money, sell the products.

Last year, I made a hundred and fifty dollars cash off making gift baskets for Christmas in the month of December. It wasn't anything to boast or live on, but it deffinately helped out a lot come time for me to do my own Christmas shopping. And every other month I sell eighty dollars worth of Carb blockers to my usual customers.

It can be done, people. It's not impossible. As a matter of fact, it's not even hard.


Blogger Doug_G said...


Finally, someone who encourages IBO's to retail!

From my own experience, I made almost $5500 in 1 month on sales commissions from vacation packages I sold to businesses. That doesn't even include the bonus money I received from Quixtar on the PV/BV I generated. I sold the packages ABOVE suggested retail and did quite well. Quixtar does not have to be and shouldn't be a money losing venture. No MLM should end up being a losing venture. I would even argue that Quixtar could get REALLY big if they adjusted their prices on everyday products to be more competitive. However, Quixtar has turned their backs on the real entrepeneurs who want to sell a lot of products to a lot of customers. Very few of Quixtar's 2 million products are geared toward being competitive in the real world market place.

I'm in the same boat as mlmblog. I made money in Quixtar, but never enough to show a profit on my Schedule C.

8:41 AM

Blogger troub said...

Umm, actually I've been to some of the meetings in BWW and they encourage you to just "buy from yourself" to meet your minimum PV and then try to "duplicate" yourself. And also, it is not only immoral to do this, it's illegal. if it's just a bunch of people selling to themselves and trying to get more to sell to themselves, it's either a buyer's club, or illegal(the latter), not a business oppurtunity. Check out the 1979 Amway ruling if you need more convincing, it's on quixtar may make the rules, but it rarely enforces them.

8:18 PM

Blogger iBlogO said...

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8:34 PM

Blogger baradlee said...

Excellent point Dwight. You have said exactly what Quixtar is all about, Retailing. Not the lines of sponsorship, recruiting, motivational material etc.
Also your point about "who told you to just buy from yourself?, your Diamond" is dead on as well.
Quixtar is not a bad business. There are a few people in the "motivation" business posing as Quixtar distributors who are the crux of the problem.
Keep up the honest and hard work.


9:23 PM


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